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A house extension is the single greatest addition to your house. Whether it would be a single or double story extension, it can make your house feel a lot more spacious and more enjoyable to live in. Some advantages include:

  • Increase your living space
  • Increase the size of your kitchen
  • Add additional value to your property
  • Accommodate more people to your growing family
  • Add additional rooms such as home cinema room or extra living rooms

An architect will be needed to design and draw up the plans for your house extension, we can recommend you several architects we have had experience working with, or you can use your own preferred architect. If we can be involved in the designing stages we can help you reduce the cost of the final build.

Planning permission
Most house extensions will need planning permission from your local council. The architect will be of great help at this stage as they deal with councils all the time. Different councils have different regulations and standards for planning permission, more information can be found at

We will give you an estimate on how long the building work can take if there are no problems or no changes made. We will also keep updating you on the process so you are up to speed with the project as well as giving you an opportunity to request any changes to the project as it progresses.

Internal layout
This is the last part of the process, where you can tell us what you require so we can design a layout that fulfils your needs. Whether it’d be an open space or divided into rooms, extending your kitchen or anything you can think of.

Please contact us for any questions and to arrange a free consultation and receive a free estimate. Call 07867 388034 or complete the contact us form above, so we can contact you shortly.